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Sea Freight

Mar Services SRL is also one of the leading seafreight solutions provider. Our seafreight specialists offer customers highly flexible services (carrier choice), global visibility and monitoring capabilities, and competitive rates. Today seafreight is an integral part of global trade, through partnerships with leading carriers, we are able to guarantee freight capacities and easily adapt to growing trade volumes. In line with growing demand, the company continues to develop its range of seafreight and related special niche services to provide optimal seafreight solutions for every customer and industry.

We provide following Sea Freight services for Import / Export - sea shipments;

  • Sea Freight FCL, LCL
  • Weekly Consolidation from Old-port & New-port.
  • Break-bulk cargo & stevedoring at all sea-ports.
  • Terminal Handling of FCL, LCL & Project Cargo
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Documentation
  • Warehousing
  • Insurance Brokerage,
  • Inland Transportation for FCL, LCL Ex-Factories and Warehouses,
  • Personal Effects, Moving & Packing.

Air Freight

Mar Services SRL is one of the leading providers in Italy of air logistics services and comprehensive solutions as well as offering individual transportation solutions to remote places. Reliability is what which every customer expects in today’s business. That’s why Mar Services SRL airfreight experts create flexible solutions for customer needs around the globe.

We provide following Air Freight services for Import / Export - air shipments

  • Air Freight
  • Consolidation
  • Break-bulk
  • Airport Handling
  • Custom Brokerage
  • Documentation,
  • Warehousing,
  • Insurance Brokerage,
  • Airport Handling Pick-Up Of Cargo Ex-Factories And Ware Houses,
  • World Wide Deliveries On Door-To-Door Basis.
  • Ware Housing And Distribution, Insurance Service & Brokerage

Road / Rail Logistics

From Northern to Southern and from Eastern to Western Italy, our trucking network connects all four provinces round the clock, no matters whether day or night, wind or storms, what is the weight or size our road freight keeps on moving to delivery goods on time to end users, this makes us more higher among the other trucking networks,

With strong Network of Italy Railways we are able to move our shipments very easily across the country. Pak Railways is one integrated solution of all inland transportation for priority goods.

Air Chartering

Chartering your own aircraft exclusively for your own group puts you in control, not only of your travel arrangements, but also of your security.

Today's airlines, whether they are the major or the low-cost carriers, are entirely geared to the mass market. The airline controls you, and in return you pay a low fare. Premium business passengers can pay more to travel in greater comfort and with some flexibility of ticketing, but the airline still remains in control of the times it flies, the aircraft and airports it uses, who else it lets on the plane to travel with you, and what happens when service is interrupted by weather, operational delays and so on.

When you choose to charter your own aircraft, whether it is a business jet, helicopter, or a commercial airliner, you become the decision-maker:

  • You set the schedule, and you can vary it as situations change
  • You choose the aircraft type, the level of comfort, and the facilities on board
  • You travel alone, or with colleagues of your choice, and no one else
  • You select which airports to use, and which to avoid; the use of private terminals avoids contact with the travelling masses
  • Your flight is confidential, unpublished, and corporate details remain secret