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About Us

Since 1998, when the business was founded in Europe, by Miss. Marina Marretta and Mar Services SRL has grown into one of the fast growing logistics providers. Our key business activities and market position are built on the company's truly world class capabilities:

Mission Statement

We will remain committed that each shipment assigned to us is delivered in time to its proper destination in the most cost effective manner.

We will continue to expand the scope and quality of our services to provide our customers the full range of their global transportation and distribution needs.


Mar Services SRL was established to provide services in freight forwarding & logistics industry. Mar Services SRL has successfully made its mark in the freight industry right from its inception.

The company consists of seasoned industry professionals, who have invaluable exposure to International transportation and logistics market and carry the necessary clouts with air carriers and shipping companies to be able to provide timely and tailor made solution for specific transportation needs of its clients. The management and staff of Mar Services SRL is committed to provide excellence in every phase of freight transportation and logistics.

Mar Services SRL is making continuous endeavors to expand and improve its services to serve its customers professionally through out the world.

Mar Services SRL offers all facets of International Forwarding and Logistics. Our global services provide you with a complete worldwide transport and distribution solution, no matter what the size, weight, origin or destination!